A network built to change the way eCommerce runs

With the help of our partners, we strive towards offereing the best solution to merchants. There are 3 ways to make this possible:

  • Technology Partnership
  • Project Partnership
  • Marketing Partnership
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What? Integrate

Introducing services to enhance the eCommerce experience

Why? Educate

Helping businesses stay a step ahead of the industry

Who? Merchants

Our success relies on helping your clients improve business

Collectively fighting the merchant dilemma

Major players in the industry take advantage of the wealth of information that they acquire and keep to themselves. Now, we’re making it possible for everyone to have a fair advantage

Compete with the big guys

Educating your clients is faster with itembase

The itembase Business Insight Solutions are specifically built to help merchants educate themselves on the position they find themselves in and on what to do next to effectively scale business

Educate your clients

Services your merchants can’t find anywhere else

The unique connection on itembase between online stores and shoppers makes the services we provide as good as impossible to copy, helping your shops gain the competitive advantage they need.

Get your extra advantage
My team and I will personally be on hand to answer every question you or your clients may have about the itembase Partner Network

Vincent Bruel, eCommerce Channel Manager

Our partners are very important to us

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